About Us

Back in 2007, we were known as rivermobster.com  That slowly evolved into our current site: RMWebElements.com

ATVSuspensionTech was our very first website, and that's where I learned how dangerous this whole web thing can be!

I signed up with a VERY cheap web host provider.  One dollar hosting or something like that.  I mean, it's best to always try and save money, right?  Oh so wrong...

Once I realized they were not going to meet my needs, or provide any kind of support whatsoever, I canceled my account with them.  But, they didn't seem to notice that I did.  I kept getting bills from them, to the point I had to cancel the credit card I used, so they turned me over to a collections agency!  What a nightmare.

After writing all kinds of letters to all kinds of different people, I finally got them off my back.  I learned you have to be Very careful to who you give your credit card info to.  They don't always have YOUR best intentions at heart.

I began to look around for a different web hosting company.  When I came across HostDime, they were still small, and only offering shared hosting services.  They were in the middle of the road as far as pricing goes, and I verified they were actually doing business in this country.

One easy way to do this is call someone's tech support line.  See how long you sit on hold, and see who answers the phone. 

They had all the right answers to my questions, and I never sat on hold for more than a couple of minutes, so I decided to gave them a shot.  Years later, I am still with HostDime.  They no longer offer shared hosting services (it didn't work for them either).  The support I receive from HostDime has always been top notch.

Their operations are now global, and still based in Florida

I built ATVSuspensionTech with Microsoft Frontpage.  It was super hokey, but it got the job done.  I went on to learn Dreamweaver, but the learning curve for that program is steep.  The sites came out nice, but the time to configure each site was extensive and cost prohibitive.

I built my first WordPress site around 2012, and have never looked back.  It can be time consuming, and searching through their endless plug-ins, trying to find the best ones, was a massive effort as well.  Then a friend told me about Genesis for WordPress, and everything moved up another notch.  The thing about adding in Genesis to WordPress is, you end up with a site that's very secure.

We now use Page Builder for WordPress to take everything to the next level.

A short story about website security...

Did you know your website has been hacked?

After I finished building the inlandairballance.com site, and setting them up with Google, we did a search for his industry to find his competition in the area. We found associatedairballence.com, the only problem was, what was displayed was a web page for Viagra!  I drove over to their office and asked them if they were aware their site had been hacked.  They looked at me like I was crazy, pulled it up on their computers, and everything looked fine to them (their site was being held in cache, so the only thing they saw was the pre-hacked site).  I told them to look at the site on their phones, and the looks on their face was, well, you can imagine.  They were not pleased at all.  They had their site hosted on a shared server with one of the big guys (the big guys have no interest at all in your site, they only care that your credit card goes through).  Needless to say, AssociatedAirBalance is now a client of mine.

I look at every site I host/manage a couple times a month, so i know if anything is wrong, and also I can update all the software on them.  Good plug-in builders update there plug-ins constantly, so I have to update (install the latest version) when they publish their updates.  I also have the sites configured, so that if anyone but me tries to log in, I am instantly notified on my phone.  Even though I know they will not be able to log in, I make sure they can't access the website again.

So the bottom line is, I have done years of homework for you.  I've learned all the hard lessons about web hosting, site security, page building, and I am here to make sure that you don't have to go through the years long learning curve I did, or as some of my current clients have have done.  Half of my business is all new clients/websites, and the other half are clients that were treated less than fairly somewhere else.

I'm looking forward to building YOUR website for you.

- Joe/rivermobster