Pre Sales Support

If you don't see your question addressed here, just ask!

We have done all the homework for you!

We have taken all the stress and worry about building a website and put it on our shoulders.  Let us handle the learning curves and technical jargon for you, so you can worry about what you do best, running YOUR business!

Why RMWebElements?

First and foremost, we provide personal service for all of your internet needs.  You will not be calling a stranger in another country when you need help with something, and then have to pay additional for that support!

Note: Those other guys won't tell you support is an additional cost.  It's one of the reasons their initial pricing is so inexpensive!

Exactly what kind of hosting are you offering me?

What we offer is called "Managed WordPress Hosting".  We don't just take your money and let your website sit there collecting dust.  We are constantly updating your site software behind the scenes.  We install security software, black list blocking,  search refinement software, and when you site is done, we will map it with Google's site map software and submit your site to Google.

We will protect your site from hackers and make sure it is always up and running for you.

What if I already have a website?

Most of our clients have come from those "other" big hosting companies.  They got tired of the constant run around and lack of personalized service.

We can get your domain name transferred and build you a whole new site on our servers.  We can use what you liked about your old site, and leave what you didn't like behind.

What are the costs?

Click here to view our basic plans.

Please note:

Almost all the big guys offer VERY low initial costs, along with their "free template" deals. If you read the fine print, you will see these introductory costs that will eventually expire! The new costs they will hit you with will far more than you bargained for.  Let's discuss an affordable plan for YOUR needs.

How do I get started with you?

Contact us directly so we can help you build your web presence.  You don't need to know any "technical jargon".  We handle all of those issues for you.  You have enough on your mind just running your business.  Let us handle your web business for you.

Or, just click here!